Monday, 25 June 2012

Intermission: in the Kitchen and beyond

Since the three five eight week delay has had our undivided attention whilst drudging through the nine circles of home renovation hell, I've been dreaming more about the kitchen & how freaking awesome it is soon to be eating homecooked everythings... and, of course, more decor porn...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Phase I. Dining Room.b.

My design "challenge" room so far, but it is coming together. Originally we were thinking dark & moody... but things have turned and I've reneged upon a "white walls are bad" attitude. Surprise! 

Searching for inspiration... revisiting Wright's Falling Water until dreaming strictly in Bauhaus, something clicked for me yesterday while contemplating the Panton chair.  

Wegner's wishbone chair. Paired with our cherry dining table (a sentimental piece being our first "real" furniture together as a couple) upon a natural fibre (hemp weave) rug, and sourcing out a mid-modern credenza (fingers crossed!) are now the jumping-off point(s). 

Next Up:
Locating some of the actual furniture pieces without breaking the bank, completing the construction of walls & architectural elements. Painting... ah yes... still struggling with the aspect of colour in this room (though it's obvious how I feel about Teal)... we'll have to see what develops once the Kitchen, Library, and Living room (all adjacent to the Dining Room) are well on their way... (still waiting on the Kitchen btw).

Monday, 4 June 2012

Phase I: Main floor Bath.c. (90% Complete)

90% Complete:
Decor is the last puzzle piece for this room. Exiting-a-zing-a-ling-zing!
Remember that time I confessed being batshit crazy? Totally. Worth. It. Must say, the contractor, cabinet guy, installer guy, countertop guy, electricians, and plumbers are certainly skeptics of the moroccan yellow, but y'all don't have vision if you are amongst that crowd.

Porcelain 12x18 floor tiles, low-flow dual-flush toilet, trim & baseboards in + painted, classic lighting, and textured-glass french door. Whew! I dare say that this will be the first "finished" room of the house... which was not according to plan, but we are a o k with this happy hiccup.

Next Up:
Accessories, Furniture, Decor... my favourite tiny touches that home-i-fy the space. I've missed seeing our tchotchke's & doodads packed in storage for 8 months. Vintage-look screen-prints, paint touchups, final hardware touchups, the coolest litterbox ever for my furry babies, and we're ready to scream uncle.